Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hank Fails

Many people will tell you these days how important it is to fail.  In this first post, I'm literally just going to make lists describing my failures, embarrassments, or things I don't feel so great about.  Some will be trivial, others more sober, and some are just silly.

For me, this list is an exercise in humility - a reminder that risks don't always have the desired rewards, that I can't succeed at everything all the time, and that it's okay to fail... often even!  I've learned that if I'm not failing at something in life, I'm not pushing myself enough.

Below is a list of fails I'll post about (and I'll certainly think of more in the meantime, I'm sure).

Hank Fails:

In General

  • Forget birthdays, names, etc.
  • Walk into a room and forget what I was doing
  • Cannot resist candy to save my life


  • SFDC Admin Exam
  • Provo Monster Mile 2012
  • Selling Pest Control in Chicago
  • E in Org B 221... twice
  • E in CS 142
  • W in Econ 381
  • Gained 60 lbs since graduating high school
  • Lost 15 lbs for a race, got sick, gained it all back
  • Interview with Qualtrics
  • Interview with Domo
  • Various applications for jobs

High School

  • Senior year: Did not qualify for state track meet
  • Had a $100 calculator stolen (while taking a found wallet to the lost and found!)
  • Lost $40 deposit to a pyramid scheme
  • Junior year: Ranked 3rd at state track meet and flopped
  • Placed on cross country (XC) varsity team for the state championship race and flopped
  • Got two traffic tickets in one week (plus a parking ticket from my school)
  • Had a laptop-containing backpack stolen
  • Sophomore year: Ate heaps of Skittles right before running a 1-mile time trial for XC & puked
  • Freshman year: Was four seconds short of lettering in XC
  • Got overworked/sick from being on both the track and lacrosse teams at once and couldn't finish either season

Middle School

  • Failed campaign for school senate in 6th grade
  • Was one of the slowest on the XC team


  • Wet my pants at a t-ball game
  • I frowned in almost every picture there is of me as a child
  • Was paralyzingly shy for years

Feel free to email me at if you have suggestions for this list ;-)

Looking forward to exploring my failures more in depth.


  1. Are you going to have an additional blog of your successes? I think we can always learn from our "failures" and even from people we don't really like. Good for you for being able to look back and learn.

  2. You could literally cover the name Hank at the top of the page and you have everything you need for my life biography. Add a few more W's and E's and keep the whole wetting the pants in baseball thing and you got my life story in a nutshell. Classic article Hank. Check this quote out: If you've never failed... Then you've never lived." Keep on living brother.