Thursday, May 29, 2014

French Military Victories: I'm Feeling Lucky!

I played tennis with my friend, Andrew Bates, last Saturday morning.  The skies were clear, blue and sunny and I got some good exercise while getting repeatedly beaten without contest.  After a few warm up rallies and explanation of forgotten rules (it's been several years since I've played), we played a few games, er, sets... matches? Irregardless, I lost every single one.  I think the best I did was scoring two points in a row one time.

Tennis Fail.At any rate, I was horrible, but had fun.  Honestly, I think my reflections on failure have enabled me to have more fun, even in defeat.

On Monday (Memorial Day), I went disc golfing; Micah and James came along for the walk.  On the second hole I lost a disc to a small jungle off the fairway.  That, plus the unusually crowded day on the course made me just quit early and opt in for a family walk.

Oh, what do those defeats have to do with the post title you ask? If you don't know, you won't understand. ;-)

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